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ACTION Certification: A Solid Education at an Incredible Price!

We are on a mission to change the personal training industry by building an army of knowledgable personal trainers that can provide real results for their clients.

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Get an Education, Not just a Certification


While other certifications take your money and test you, ACTION Certification provides comprehensive online classes with real instructors. And when you need help, you can ask your instructors questions and get the answers you need.

Sounds so simple... But only ACTION Certification offers this kind of practical training.

  • Anatomy, Biomechanics and Kinesiology
  • Client Assessment
  • Program Design
  • Working with Seniors, Youths, Pregnant Women, and Common Injuries and Conditions
  • Nutrition Principles
  • Managing Risk and Protecting Your Clients
  • The Business & Legal Side of Personal Training
  • Plus our Practical Series Classes focus on getting you started quickly including Understanding Industry Trends, the Best Exercises for maximizing your workouts, and motivating your clients with the Psychology of Personal Training!
Bottom Line

All the Tools You Need to Be Successful

Everything is included..

  • 300 Page Textbook full of Helpful Graphics
  • Unlimited Practice Exams
  • Downloadable Flash Cards
  • 24/7 Email Support with our Instructors to Answer your Questions
  • Private Job Board featuring Hundreds of Job Openings
  • Personal Job Reference Letter to Help you Get the Job
  • All the Personal Training Forms and Paperwork you Need to Protect Yourself
Bottom Line

A Choice of Exams!

Choose the convenience of an online certificate exam, or go for full certification with our NCCA Accredited Exam. Or Take Both!

The ACTION Certification Exam earned full NCCA Accreditation in January 2014. It is available at over 250 PSI Testing Centers in the U.S. and Canada. After passing the exam you will earn the title of Certified Personal Trainer (CPT).

The ACTION Online Certificate Exam is a great choice for international students who can't make it to a test center. You can earn a Certificate in Personal Training while learning and testing online.
Bottom Line

Impress Your Clients from Day One!

We use web technology to Make Your Life Easier and to provide a Better Experience for Your Clients.

Our ACTION Personal Training System will...
  • Allow you to Provide your Client with a Complete Workout and Nutrition Tracking System.
  • Guide you through the New Client Assessment process making sure you gather all the Medical, Health and Lifestyle information you need.
  • Build Custom Training Programs for your Clients based upon Safe and Effective Workout Templates
  • Allow you to Make More Money by providing additonal services like Meal Planning, Calorie Tracking and web-based Performance Tracking
  • Run Group Fitness and Boot Camp Classes. Clients can register for classes and book private appointments online.
  • Create Training Packages and Manage your Billing easily.
Bottom Line

A Program Built Upon NCCA Accreditation Standards

We understand that Accreditation is important. ACTION Certification has built its entire program from the ground up with one goal in mind: NCCA Accreditation.

And we are pleased to announce that our new Certifed Personal Trainer Exam (CPT) earned full NCCA Accreditation in January 2014. It is now available at hundreds of test centers in the United States and Canada.

Bottom Line

Industry Leading Insurance!

Insurance companies recognize the value of our education standards and ACTION Personal Training System. Thats why we have negotiated industry leading rates for our personal trainers.

You can get $2 million of coverage from an A Rated company for only $105/year**

It will cover you everywhere you train... at home, the gym, online, outdoors.

Bottom Line

**insurance available in U.S. only. Insurance is an add-on service. Additional charges apply.


Top Reasons to Upgrade

Save Money Every Year on Insurance

Insurance companies recognize the extra value that our education program provides. It means less risk for them, and lower premiums for you! Our members can apply for $2 million of liability insurance for only $121 per year. That is about $75 less than other carriers. And you will continue to enjoy the lower insurance rate every year.

ACTION Certification has negotiated unbeatable insurance rates for members based upon our emphasis on education and practical knowledge. Coverage is provided by an "A" Rated major insurance company.

The Policy: $2 million liability

What it Covers: You can train clients anywhere including the gym, outdoors, client's homes and online

Deductible: None

The Cost: $121 per year

That's over $100 in savings every year!

Other Coverage amounts available: $3mil for $127, $4mil for $133 and $5mil for $140.

Availability: Insurance is available in the United States only.

Online Convenience

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