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I would like to thank the A C T team for the quality of the program. The A C T covers all the different aspect of what a personal trainer should know to start in this wonderful world of health and fitness passion. If i can help some of you who are new in this field, i would say ; Use all the educational tools that the A.C.T team offers you. The book - the online course - the cards - the practice exam and the interactive board. Once you are certified, dont stop, go and get more experience and education in all the health and fitness fields, get the info before it comes out!!!! remember, the body doesnt change, its our understanding of it that changes!!! good luck to all of you, go for it, its a gift to be able to help others... and this is what you will be doing soon .... stay fit and healthy BRUNO
bruno villers 2011-01-25 Read More »

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    Not many of us are good book learners. It can be really challenging to master concepts like biomechanics and exercise program design by reading a textbook. It is a lot easier when you are in a class..Read More

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