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I ordered the Pro Plan course for an employee and downloaded the textbook to my ipad. We are going through the information chapter by chapter and it has been a great review for me. I will probably go ahead and take the test and become certified through ACTION in addition to my other certifications and degrees. I find that it is critical to stay informed on all the latest aspects of our constantly changing field! Our business is dedicated to serving Baby Boomers and believe me, they are very proactive in their programs and question everything (which is good)!
Laurie Nelson-Barker 2012-08-06 Read More »

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  • Save Money Every Year on Insurance

    Insurance companies recognize the extra value that the our education program provides. It means less risk for them, and lower premiums for you! Our members can apply for $2 million of liability insu..Read More

  • It's Easier to Learn from People

    Not many of us are good book learners. It can be really challenging to master concepts like biomechanics and exercise program design by reading a textbook. It is a lot easier when you are in a class..Read More

  • You are Going to Need Advice

    Changing careers is not a simple process. There are so many things to learn about the fitness industry. Whether you need help getting your first job, starting your own business, or navigating throug..Read More

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    We are all busy people. We have designed ACTION Certification to fit with your schedule. Choose from a wide variety of Online Class times. If you miss a class, don't worry... just watch a recorded ..Read More