Do you require recertification?

Do you require recertification?

Yes, you must recertify every two years. The cost is $65. This is hundreds of dollars less expensive than any of the other certifications. Platinum Plan members receive "Recertification for Life" which means that they will never have to pay the $65 recertification fee.


I am very interested in what ACTION is trying to accomplish and I appreciate the idea of changing the way Personal Training certification is done. It seems to me, with all the various PT cert organizations out there ... and there appear to be many ...that money, unfortunately, seems to be the driving force. It isn't very hard to see that money for the CPT courses, the training manuals, the support, the recertifications, etc. is a prime mover for this industry. No wonder that the comment is heard in the Physical Training circles -- "it's a racket." Back in 1985, I was a candidate for ACE CPT (personal reasons kept me from taking the cert exam). At that time,the idea of PT Certification was just taking hold. For the right reasons, the interests of many people grew exponentially. The ACE Cert exam cost $100. I only had to buy the book, study hard, and then take the exam. Today, it has the appearance of a three ring-circus... who is the most expensive; who is the most respected; who is the most accepted; who is the best accreditation agency, etc. What's a person to think and do? My interest in the subject matter is still there, however, and, for all the right reasons. I just don't think it is right with the current approach and it is quickly causing me to change my mind ...deciding NOT to do this thing. And here is ACTION with the concept of FREE or very close to it. It is a bit hard to understand. I stand amazed. I am following with interest ACTION's application for accreditation. The move to do so, with ACTION's stated purpose to radically change the way this industry operates, would be welcome by many. If accreditation is approved, what would be ACTION's next move? Of course, ACTION will become a target for the other organizations that are (competitively) out there. So, I remain cautiously optimistic in my venture. I wish ACTION the best in their efforts and would really like to be a part of a credible movement to make things work ....for the right reasons. Thank you for your efforts and thanks for your time. Regards, Ron Graham Becker --
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Top Reasons to Upgrade

Save Money Every Year on Insurance

Insurance companies recognize the extra value that our education program provides. It means less risk for them, and lower premiums for you! Our members can apply for $2 million of liability insurance for only $121 per year. That is about $75 less than other carriers. And you will continue to enjoy the lower insurance rate every year.

ACTION Certification has negotiated unbeatable insurance rates for members based upon our emphasis on education and practical knowledge. Coverage is provided by an "A" Rated major insurance company.

The Policy: $2 million liability

What it Covers: You can train clients anywhere including the gym, outdoors, client's homes and online

Deductible: None

The Cost: $121 per year

That's over $100 in savings every year!

Other Coverage amounts available: $3mil for $127, $4mil for $133 and $5mil for $140.

Availability: Insurance is available in the United States only.

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