Are there any time limits to complete the course?

Are there any time limits to complete the course?

There are no time limits. You can attend online classes, get support and use all the tools as long as you like...even after you pass the exam.


I thought the ACTION certification program was very informative and it was more difficult than I had expected. I paid for the Pro Plan and also ordered the exam book. I studied on a regular basis for approximately two months. I took the practice exams over and over again and today, I am happy to say that I passed my test! I really think this is a nicely structured program and would recommend to anyone looking to get into this field. I exercise on a regular basis, but really had zero book training in this area. My advice, pay for the Pro Plan, get the book and give yourself 2-3 months and you should be fine. I learned a lot and plan on continuing my education. Thanks ACT! This is a terrific program.

Regina Stenberg 2011-02-23 Read More »

Top Reasons to Upgrade

Save Money Every Year on Insurance

Insurance companies recognize the extra value that our education program provides. It means less risk for them, and lower premiums for you! Our members can apply for $2 million of liability insurance for only $121 per year. That is about $75 less than other carriers. And you will continue to enjoy the lower insurance rate every year.

ACTION Certification has negotiated unbeatable insurance rates for members based upon our emphasis on education and practical knowledge. Coverage is provided by an "A" Rated major insurance company.

The Policy: $2 million liability

What it Covers: You can train clients anywhere including the gym, outdoors, client's homes and online

Deductible: None

The Cost: $121 per year

That's over $100 in savings every year!

Other Coverage amounts available: $3mil for $127, $4mil for $133 and $5mil for $140.

Availability: Insurance is available in the United States only.

Online Convenience

We are all busy people. We have designed ACTION Certification to fit with your schedule. Choose from a wide variety of Online Class times. If you miss a class, don't worry... just watch... Read More

You are Going to Need Advice

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It's Easier to Learn from People

Not many of us are good book learners. It can be really challenging to master concepts like biomechanics and exercise program design by reading a textbook. It is a lot easier when you are in a class... Read More